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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Darkened Soul - Seasons of Dark and Light

What a collection of music this is. Certainly the music retains Darkened Soul's trademark dark flavor, but there is so much more to this music than just obscure and scarey soundscapes. The album is composed of four pieces, each representing a different season of the year. The thing that blows us away is how well Mike nailed the feel and mood of each one, perfectly matched to the theme of the season it evokes.

"Winter's Cold Stare" is of course dark and ominous, with great solitude and distance, like slowly gliding icebergs floating in a dark and frigid sea. But then "The Advent of Spring" arrives, with lush rain storms, birds chirping, and a powerful, almost symphonic motif. One can almost see the dew dripping from the leaves of the freshly bloomed flowers. Next is "Sublime Summer", a snapshot of a hot and sultry summer's eve, complete with singing insects and distant thunder. The listener can feel the heat rising up off the concrete and see the stars twinkling in the humid air. Then the album is closed out with "An Ominous Fall", a foreboding and yet lovely drone that heralds the beginning of yet another annual cycle.


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