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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cluster One - Lucid Visions EP

Lucid Visions is a short EP of drifting ambient soundscapes, an introduction for Webbed Hand listeners to Cluster One.

Cluster One has a growing discography dating back to 2004, including works released on other netlabels. This promo EP may serve to pique your interest and maybe get you to seek out his past albums.

"Cluster One is a solo electronic music project, playing styles like ambient, IDM & experimental.
While the majority of producers ‘loops’ and ‘randomizes’ their beats and melodies, Cluster One always has been composing and producing songs on the same way like pop/rock songs are build-up.
Each instrument is progammed from beginning to end, step by step entirely.
Cluster One is formed in 2004." -- from http://www.clusteronemusic.nl/

Track List:
01 Hidden Persian Lair (video version) [03:27]
02 Cluster One (edit) [02:16]


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